You have no more excuses: now you can really learn English!

After many years of study, do you speak English still make you uncomfortable? Would you like to say something but every time you get stuck because you can’t find the words?
Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Many people get nervous when it comes to speaking in another language because they are afraid of making mistakes and not being understood. So in the end they choose to avoid all conversation and not make progress with the language, remaining at an English school level stuck in artificial and useless forms.

The good news is that from today you have a formidable ally for the rate of real progress with your English: it is Life, the innovative app that connects people in a community where English is spoken is direct learning on the field. No benches, no blackboards, no walls: the city will be the stage on which to perform where you will learn to express yourself with really useful language formulas.

Finally measured with everyday life and with real situations, such as those you come across every day in your life.

Pubs, shops, supermarkets: each context will be your test bench where, guided by a native speaker teacher and alongside a companion of your same level, you can train your English and learn to speak it fluently.

Life builds your trust: speaking English will no longer be embarrassing.

Talking and listening puts you in a position to better understand the words you come into contact with, and therefore to better internalize the formulas.

The secret is the practice: immersing yourself in the conditions of everyday life together with your companions requires the courage and safety necessary for exports without fear of making mistakes.

Your vocabulary will expand, you will naturally understand how to structure sentences, you will improve pronunciation and finally your oral comprehension will refine, until you understand perfectly what others tell you.

Life knows the importance of conversation well: the more you talk, the more comfortable you will be in doing it!

In schools, great importance is given to the study of grammar. It is not wrong, of course, but then everyone is faced with the same problem: very little conversation skills, limited vocabulary, unnatural formulas. In short, they still speak badly. They know what they want to say but they can’t do it, they know the rules but then they don’t know how to apply them naturally.
Mastering grammar is not enough to speak English well. When you need to answer a question quickly, you don’t have time to think about grammar, you have to focus on expressing ideas and concepts. And the only way to do it naturally is to do a lot, a lot of practice with the language.

Just stop studying: with Life you will learn how to do. hanks to the practical lessons, to be lived side by side with new friends under the lights of the city, finally you can really learn English. Not that of books, that of real life.

With Life, learning English will be real fun
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