4 tips to improve your English quickly

Learning English is never a straight line, you certainly already know that. Some days you feel invincible, others seem to be unable to complete even a sentence. The ups and downs are normal, because learning a language is a long process that requires commitment and perseverance. A bit like an athlete, you have to train for a long time to get good results and the more practice you will do, the sooner they arrive.

As in any self-respecting trip, however, it is important to clearly define the path before starting: otoday we want to give you some tips to avoid losing you because it is true that learning is not a straight line, but we do not want to end up completely astray, no?

Set a goal

When you have a reason that moves your actions, everything becomes easier.
Think about the result you want to achieve: do you want to learn English to find a better job? Do you want to travel and be able to speak in all circumstances? Is it a challenge with yourself? If you identify the motivation it will be easier, because you will know where you are going. So set your goal and, most of all, be realistic!

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

To achieve the goal you have set yourself, self-confidence is essential.

You will make mistakes, so what? Every mistake is an opportunity to learn, so take note and work to overcome the obstacles on your way.

It is very important not to be discouraged, because fear is an obstacle to learning. Take risks and don’t worry too much: all the people who started studying a new language made mistakes and thought they weren’t good. Mistakes are part of learning and to learn you will have to do a lot!

Read and listen as much as you can

It is important to get out of the study of grammar rules, because honing your understanding will make you progress much faster. Watch movies and TV shows with subtitles, listen to radio and audiobooks. Reading is also a great way to train English in your spare time: if you are a beginner, choose tabloid-style magazines to approach a simpler language, or, if you are more familiar with English, opt for the newspapers that will also update you on local events on which you can deal with native speakers.

Do a lot, a lot of practice!

It is unthinkable to learn English without speaking it: to master the language you have to use it whenever you can.

Practice makes perfect, but not everyone has a native speaker to practice with. There are many classroom courses, of course, but how much space do they give to the actual conversation? Often there is a lot of focus on grammar and exercises, and the practice ends up being relegated to a secondary role.
However, one thing is certain: just as one does not learn to swim by reading the instructions in the books, one cannot learn English in the same way without speaking it. The good news is that today you have the perfect ally to start making real progress with your English: it’s Life, the innovative app for learning English just like you were in London!
Forget classrooms and contrived conversations: with Life you will learn English on the field, around the city, within real everyday situations that will give you the opportunity to immediately learn the right formulas.
Using Life is easy: just download it to your device, register and take the online test to find out your level. At this point you can choose the lessons you prefer from the calendar and join together with many new friends to meet around the city. You will be guided by a native-speaking teacher who will immediately test you in everyday situations: having a conversation will become easy and natural, and you will finally be able to learn English in real life.

With Life, learning English will be real fun

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