Learn English as though you were in London:
the city is your classroom!

Immerse yourself in a true-life situation and learn the language with some new friends.
Life is an innovative app to learn the language with a natural approach in a club that lives under the lights of your city: register now and receive a 50% discount on your first month’s subscription!

life role playing formativo per apprendere inglese

Life will make your life easy

A truly formative role-play
to learn the language
in real-life situations

You’ll converse while strolling around the city with students who are at your level, under the guidance of a mother-tongue teacher
Download the app and become part of the new Italian community of brilliant students! Take the test to determine your level, access the calendar of lessons and choose the ones you prefer: together with your new friends you’ll participate in an English lesson in a real-life situation in your city.
The real-life situations will be the stage upon which you will improve your conversation skills.
Finally, you’ll be able to practice with real dialogues, in an informal setting. Learning English will be easy and natural, and you’ll meet many people you can call friends!

A super brilliant learning experienceA super brilliant learning experience

lezioni id lingua in situazioni reali

Experience the city
and start speaking English right away

With Life you’ll learn English directly on site. You’ll imagine yourself in diverse situations – at the pub, in shops, at the supermarket – and you’ll learn the right formulas on the spot.

lezioni id lingua in situazioni reali

Connect with a class at your level

Thanks to the online test you’ll know right away which class is appropriate for you. Connect to the app and navigate the list of lessons filtered according to your starting level.

storico delle lezioni

Find the chronology of your lessons
in the area reserved just for you

Do you want to find a lesson you’ve already participated in? Go to your reserved area, consult the list of lessons you’ve already followed and watch the video recordings.

sconto di benvenuto

Subscribe to the trial version for 30 days and decide if you’d like to enrol

Life will make you fall in love, but if you’d like to figure out if you’re made for each other download the trial version: at the end of the trial period you can decide if you would like to enrol.

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